10 | 12 | 2018

A dramatic increase in the number of deaths from Ebola is recorded in DR Congo, with about 200 people dead until now.

According to the country’s Ministry of Health, a total of 291 Ebola cases have been confirmed in DR Congo and 201 deaths have been reported.

About half of the victims of the new epidemic of the virus that has recently broken out in the DRC are in Benji, in the North Kivu region.

comunistaThe Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) has received information that the royal Swaziland police today (12 November 2018) arbitrarily detained the Branch Chairperson of the Swaziland National Union of Students (SNUS) at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT), Comrade Mxolisi Motsa.

He was detained immediately after being served with a suspension letter by the management of LUCT, together with six other students who had been suspended for partaking in student struggles, a matter which the Communist Party will be pursuing further.

Comrade President of the ETUF,

Comrades participants,

   Given the very limited available time for this statement, and on behalf of the workers of the DR Congo, our country, we want to convey to you our greetings and thanks for having thought of us and for inviting us to participate in this important activity about the workers’ movement in Africa in the 21st century.

   In principle,  it is a matter of awareness that we must have as Africans today, an awareness of what Africa should be tomorrow, an awareness so that Africa stop being  a tank of raw materials where it is the multinationals and the imperialists who must utilize them, while the populations live in poverty, and where the exploitation of man by man is established as a lifestyle, and where the wars are becoming common place in order to exploit, to plunder the raw materials and thus leaving the peoples of Africa in distress.

comunistaIn a bid to pacify workers, Mswati’s new prime minister, Ambrose Dlamini, has invited leaders of public sector unions for “just a greeting” today, Friday 9 November 2018. Other than this greeting session, the meeting has no agenda. It follows the same fashion as the hated royal-kraal meetings which are convened by Mswati without any agenda or any serious intention to resolve the problems of the people. Everything about the prime minister’s intentions is shrouded in secrecy and speculation.

comunistaThe first big thing that Swaziland’s absolute monarch decided to do shortly after his discredited tinkhundla elections was to detain a journalist. Yesterday, Wednesday 7 November 2018, the royal Swaziland police's Organised Crime Unit detained seasoned journalist Musa Ndlangamandla in Mbabane, accusing him of aligning himself with organisations that call for democracy. They harassed, intimidated and threatened him, and are already preparing documents for his prosecution.

comunistaThe management of the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Swaziland has suspended seven students, victimising them for taking part in a students’ demonstration outside the boundaries of the university on 4 September 2018. This is one of the many attempts that the regime has undertaken, especially during this tinkhundla elections year, to suppress the voice of the people.

The President of the Republic of Namibia, Hage Geingob, received Wednesday the Vice-minister for Africa of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, Yuri Pimentel, who is on a working tour of the african continent to strengthen relations of solidarity and cooperation.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing more than 95 million workers in 130 countries of the 5 continents, extends its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the 60 people who lost their lives by a pipeline explosion in southeast Nigeria.

The accident took place on October 12th, 2018 in the town of Aba, when the petrol pipeline of a state-run company, exploded after catching fire. As the world class oriented trade union movement, we stand in solidarity with the workers and the people of Nigeria.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, on the behalf of its 95 million members in 130 countries all over the globe, extends its internationalist solidarity with the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union,  “NEHAWU” of South Africa, and firmly supports their strike and mobilizations that begin on October 10th, 2018, in all South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) workplaces across the country.

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