• Number of infections by Covid-19 in Venezuela amounts to 541

    The number of infections registered by Covid-19 in Venezuela amounts to 541 after the detection of 37 infected in the last 24 hours, geographically located in Caracas (33) and Apure (4), reported this Sunday the Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez.

    “Of these 37 cases 33 are imported: 19 from Peru, 14 from Colombia and 4 are by community contact”, Rodríguez explained, while reporting that they are already isolated and receiving adequate treatment for respiratory infection.

  • Venezuela confirms 45 new COVID-19 cases

    COVID-19 cases in Venezuela rose to 504 after 45 new cases were detected in six states.

    During a briefing at the Miraflores Presidential Palace, Venezuela’s Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez explained these new cases are located in the Capital District (30) and the states of Nueva Esparta (9), Barinas (3), Anzoategui (1), Aragua (1) and Amazonas (1).

  • Venezuela registers 459 cases of Covid-19 when detecting 4 new cases this Friday

    The Presidential Commission for the Prevention, Attention and Control for Covid-19 reported four new cases, to reach a total of 459 infections in the national territory.

  • Why are Venezuelan migrants returning to their country amid the pandemic?

    Venezuela enabled humanitarian flights for the return of its compatriots abroad, through a new phase of the plan called ‘Plan Vuelta a la Patria’, but now framed in the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • 24 false US allegations against China on COVID-19

    BEIJING, May 9 (Xinhua) — Recently, some US politicians and media outlets have been fabricating preposterous allegations and lies of one kind or another in order to shift the blame to China for their inadequate response to COVID-19.

    However, as Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

  • 300 Global Lawmakers Call for World Bank, IMF Debt Cancellation

    A group of 300 lawmakers from two dozen countries have signed a letter sent on Wednesday, May 13 to the heads of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), calling on these institutions to forgive the respective debt of the world’s poorest countries, and to step up their financial support for these nations, in response to the global COVID-19 crisis.

  • Positive cases for Covid-19 in Venezuela amount to 455

    The number of Covid-19 infections in Venezuela increased to 455, after the detection of 15 new cases in the last 24 hours.

    This was reported by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, after holding a working day on health matters held at Tiuna Fort, in Caracas.

  • An open letter to all leftists, socialists, and communists

    Dear comrades,

    Working people of all backgrounds are uniting around issues such as racist violence,  health care, climate change, women’s reproductive rights, labor and immigrant rights against the neo-fascist Trump agenda. At the same time, thousands of young workers and students have taken to online platforms during the Covid-19 lockdown and are demanding socialist-oriented reforms and even going as far as proclaiming themselves communists, socialists,  and Marxists, in an effort to fight for a better world.  In recent months, the Communist Party USA has experienced an uptick in membership. This growth is occurring as Bernie Sanders has withdrawn from the 2020 presidential race. People are fighting mad—and with good reason.

  • Open letter to all working people from the Communist Party

    Dear comrade, sister or brother,

    The Communist Party is writing to you as one of the millions of people whose work keeps our society going in good times and bad.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the value of all those workers who have continued to provide the goods and services that we all need to survive.

  • What the pandemic is teaching us

    We learned what Dr. Williams J. Barber II has been preaching: “This virus is teaching us that from now on, living wages, guaranteed health care for all, unemployment and labor rights are not far-left issues but issues of right versus wrong and life versus death.”

    Here are lessons we have learned.

  • The true plague hitting humankind is savage capitalism

    “The People’s Republic of China has always been known for its solidarity and the promotion of a shared development,” stressed on Wednesday, May 13, Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza, in response to the recent accusation of Donald Trump’s administration against the Asian country.

  • Apps are not the magic wand for fighting Covid-19

    As nations grapple with ways to contain the Covid-19 pandemic whilst trying to start reopening our economies, schools and borders, many government have sought to use technology as a way beat the pandemic.

    In some parts of the world, ‘contact tracing’ apps have already been in place for some time whereby citizens either voluntarily or involuntarily download an app onto their smartphones, allowing the authorities to know where the clusters of virus may be, or whom the infected people may have come into contact with.

  • WFTU announcement about the effects of Covid-19 Pandemic in Arab countries

    The World Federation of Trade Unions follows the developments about the situation of workers of Arab countries, which is being deteriorated due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Except for the consequences on their health, the workers are called to pay the price for the consequences that the Pandemic and the lockdowns have brought upon to the economies of their countries.

  • Venezuela registers 423 COVID-19 cases

    President Nicolás Maduro informed Tuesday afternoon that one new COVID-19 case in Aragua State was detected in the last 24 hours for a total of 423 cases.

    At the Miraflores Presidential Palace, in Caracas he stressed that this new case was registered after a patient broke quarantine; therefore, he urged Venezuelans to maintain their discipline in order to prevent the propagation of COVID-19.

  • Workers and Communist Parties against Blockades and Imperialist Wars

    comunistaThe Communist and Workers' parties that suscribe the present APPEAL declare:

    1. The serious international situation which has come from the unstoppable global capitalist crisis - now expressed as a health emergency that spreads throughout so many countries - requires strong and decisive social and political action that puts the needs of the working class, of the different people's of the world and of human kind above everything else.

  • TUI Public Service & Allied Workers Celebrating International Nurses Day

    The class oriented Trade Union International for Public Service and Allied (TUI-PS&A) pays tribute to the millions of nurses, midwives and the general fraternity across the world who, daily face great odds in their endeavour to care for the sick and promote good health in communities.

    The International Nurses Day commemorates the life and struggle of Florence Nightingale, born on the 12th of May 1820, in Florence, Italy. Like Florence Nightingale, the nurses and midwives of today continue to engage in an unending struggle to revolutionize nursing and save countless lives. In the year 2020, the international nurses’ day is celebrated by WHO under the theme: “Nurses a catalyst for a brighter future for health around the globe”which as the TUI PS&A aligned ourselves with.

  • Let's confine finance and austerity!

    The European Network Against Commercialization and Privatization of Health and Social Protection and the People’s Health Movement welcomed the convergence of 160 organisations across Europe under the motto "Let’s spread solidarity not the virus" on the occasion of the day of action against the commercialisation of health on 7 April.

  • Economists Call for Concrete Solidarity

    The measures taken under the domination of the financial markets are leading humanity towards a cataclysm. European economists are calling for a radical change of approach.L’Humanité, Thursday 23rd April 2020

    The so-called recovery plans implemented by Washington and by the European capitals provide for billions of euros and dollars in order to put capital on artificial respiration. As in 2008. Subject to the condition that the burden of bailing out the financial markets will be transferred onto the shoulders of ordinary citizens-taxpayers, giving rise to the prospect of new austerity potions.

  • WFTU on business games related to the COVID-19 vaccine

    The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing 100 million members across the five continents, expresses its deepest concern at the latest developments in the research sector on treatment and vaccination against the new coronavirus. The antagonisms between business groups, pharmaceutical industries and imperialist states in the field of virus treatment and the development of a vaccine, can only cause concern to the peoples of the world.

  • WFTU greets the May Day 2020 celebration

    The World Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of its 100 million members on the 5 Continents, greets the world working class, who honored the May Day 2020 with important events, hoisting the flag of commemoration and militancy.

       Despite the difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 Pandemic, despite the lockdowns and restrictions, the workers in Central and Latin America, in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and all over the world, organized symbolic events by taking all necessary protection measures; they highlighted the message of the International Workers Day, the one of resistance and of class struggle in defense of the working rights and for the covering of the contemporary needs of workers and the Peoples.