10 | 12 | 2018

FranceWe received an interesting analysis of the Yellow Jackets movement in France:

The situation here in France is not very different from the situation in other european union countries. The major difference is our reactions. For the moment at leas,t we do not vote for extreme right wing parties as in Italy, Hungary, Poland, UK, and to a lesser extent Germany too.

Despite the hostile environment targeting NGOs working at sea, SOS MEDITERRANEE remains fully committed to provide lifesaving assistance and is preparing to resume search and rescue operations in early 2019.

On December 3, 2018 the CPRF branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Smolensk arranged a series of protest actions as a part of international campaign in support of the Communist Party of Poland which is under persecution of the Polish government.

Hands off the Communist Party of Poland! That was the demand of protesters to the Polish authority explicitly indicated by CPRF speakers.

The secretaries of the Communist Party in Scotland and Wales have issued the followed joint statement today (December 5):

'Scottish and Welsh Communists have long supported the case for a federal Britain. We believe this is the only constitutional settlement that will empower the workers and peoples of our countries to control and develop their economies, while maintaining labour movement unity and redistributing the wealth owned largely by the capitalist class.

The European Communist Initiative (ECI) convened its plenary meeting in Athens on November 26. On behalf of the Communist Party of Greece, an introductory speech was made by Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE. After the introduction, the rich action of the previous six months was treated, including numerous initiatives and interventions against the imperialist Euro-Atlantic plans and the further dangerous militarization of the EU; against the anti-communism of the EU and governments; against anti-popular measures like the orchestrated restriction of the right to strike and measures affecting the right to education; as well as activities for important anniversaries and celebrations such as the Great October Socialist Revolution, the May Day and the Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples.

On December 4, the PAME Executive Secretariat met and discussed the outcomes and conclusions of the strike on 28 November.

The discussion noted that the Strike on November 28th with the massive rallies and demonstrations of PAME was a militant and necessary response to the Government-Employers-yellow trade unions. Despite the undermining tactics of the GSEE (member of the ETUC in Greece), as well as the Government’s propaganda about the «end of the memorandums,» thousands of workers acted and participated in PAME’s strike rallies. An important element is the increased participation in the Strike in sectors and workplaces where the class unions are at the forefront of the struggle for signing Collective Contracts.

On Sunday, December 2, the 9th National Meeting of the Students Militant Front (MAS) of Greece took place. Hundreds of delegates represented 61 student students University Unions, 4 University departments and 31 Students Committees from Universities from all over Greece and exchanged experience from the militant action of students’ unions. A fruitful and lively discussion on how to rally more student unions, students unionists, to put our own needs in the frontline against the policy of the government of SYRIZA – ANEL, the EU, the monopolies.

For the past week, there have been militant “yellow vest” protests in the streets of Paris and other cities over increased fuel taxes and other government policies seen as hurting the working class.  In response to the protests, the French Communist Party has called on the Macron government to resign.  Communist deputies in the French parliament are asking socialist and other progressive legislators to join their call for a no-confidence vote.  The French CP on  November 20, elected journalist and parliamentarian Fabien Roussel  as its new National Secretary.  He succeeds Pierre Laurent, who has been the National Secretary since 2010.

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) expresses its solidarity with the workers and people of France who are fighting against the policy of high prices and excessive taxation of the French government and at the same time are protesting against the anti-labor policies of the European Union and the IMF. The international class-oriented trade union movement joins its voice to that of the working youth in France, with the homeless, the unemployed, the new-poor, immigrants for a world without capitalist exploitation.

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