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cinco heroesFernando González Llort, one of the heroic “Cuban Five”, the courageous Cuban citizens and revolutionary heroes unjustly arrested and convicted in a Federal Court in Miami, Florida, and subjected to long sentences of imprisonment, visited Belfast on Wednesday, and Dublin on Thursday, for events organised by ICTU and the Cuba Support Group. Workers Party members, as longstanding supporters of the Cuban Revolution and participants in the campaign to “Free the Five”, were present at both.

WorkersParty Ireland23rd June 2018

Dear Comrades,

The Workers Party of Ireland sends comradely greetings to the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and extends its best wishes, solidarity and support to the TKP. The WPI condemns the decision of the Turkish government to obstruct the participation of the TKP in the 24th June general election. The TKP is now taking part in the elections under the platform “This Social Order Must Change”.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a statement titled ‘Unless these 19  points come true, Turkey will not be able to take a breath’.

On the eve of the 2018 parliamentary and presidential elections that is to take place on 24 June, Sunday, the TKP which had been carrying out This Order Must Change campaign issued a statement.

According to the statement, whoever wins the election campaign will be faced with the crisis of capitalism. TKP called for the following:

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) released a statement on the recent agreement between the governments of Greece and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

After years of dispute over the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, governments of Greece and FYROM signed an agreement on June 17, deciding on the latter’s new name as “Northern Macedonia”. Talks that were being held since February between the two governments are closely associated with membership of FYROM to NATO and the EU, under reconciliaton of the UN as membership of Macedonia is contiungly rejected by Greece since the status of Macedonia was determined as “prospective member” in 2005. However, crisis seems to continue as the agreement is vetoed by the president of FYROM. Moreover, the recent negotiations caused a great unrest among the Greek people. On February, a mass rally organized by right-wing political parties including neo-nazi Golden Dawn Party was held in Athens, with participation of tens of thousands of Greeks stating “Macedonia is Greece”.

dkp logo neuThe German Communist Party (DKP) Leadership has released a press statement on June 19th, on the government crisis between the ruling CDU and its Bavarian partner CSU on the refugee question.

Despite the ostensible conflict between the Ministry of Interior Seehofer (CSU) and Chancellor Merkel (CDU) on the issue of refugees, the DKP interprets the situation differently, as the two actors are “playing together”, as they have the same intention. According to DKP, the Merkel-Germany is making use of the refugee debate to intervene with the national sovereignty of other EU states, and Seehofer threatens those states to shut down the doors for refugees that applied to other countries unless they comply with the EU directives.

The sharpening of the competitions for business group profits, the exploitation and the imperialist interventions have resulted in millions of uprooted and persecuted people around the world, the increase in 2018 of arrivals of refugees in our country. Thousands of them are trapped under outrageous conditions, stacked in the Reception and Identification Centers.

The EUROF of WFTU on the occasion of 20th June World Refugee Day has called for a week of solidarity with Refugees and Migrants to demonstrate solidarity with the victims of imperialist wars, and the peoples against racism, nationalism and xenophobia.

PAME supports this initiative of the EUROF of WFTU and planned a series of actions and activities.

Cyprus Peace March. Photo: ICPCyprus Peace March. Photo: ICPOn June 10, a Pancyprian Peace March was organized by the Cyprus Peace Council. Thousands of people marched 4.5 kilometers before arriving at the gates of the Akrotiri British Base in Limassol, where they symbolically scattered life jackets and an inflatable boat. In the speeches delivered during the demonstration, the use of Cyprus as a launching pad against neighboring peoples was denounced and demands were expressed for the withdrawal of all foreign troops -especially the army of Turkey occupying almost 40% of Cyprus's territory-, the abolition of the British bases and the dissolution of NATO.

On June 6, 2018 the authorities of the Moldavian Transnistrian Republic arrested the Secretary of the UCP – CPSU Central Council, Transnistria communists’ leader Oleg Khorzhan. Prior to his arrest some of our comrades have already been detained.

An absurd accusation has been put forward against the Chairman of the Transnistrian Communist Party Central Committee, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the MTR.
Oleg Khorzhan which is known as a courageous and uncompromising fighter for legitimacy, has been accused in attacking law enforcement officers. In such a way the Authorities try to intimidate all independently conceiving citizens as well as to soothe growing social anger in the country.

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