05 | 12 | 2019

PAME expresses its solidarity with the General Secretary of the French Federation of Commerce (Fédération CGT Commerce et Services), colleague Amar Laga, and with the French workers who are being persecuted for fighting for their right to work and life.

Colleague Laga was brought to justice by the French police for the European mobilization organized by the CGT Commerce Federation with the workers of CONFORAMA stores on July 11 against shop closures and layoffs. The employer, who used bodyguards and refused to meet with the workers, filed a complaint against the unionist who did his class duty.

After the mobilization in CONFORAMA of July 11, the Business Managers filed a complaint against Amar LAGHA, Secretary General of the Federation.

It should be remembered that, with the support of the Federation CGT Commerce and Services, the employees of CONFORAMA came from all over France on July 11, to demand explanations on the destruction of jobs and store closures, on the occasion of the first meeting of the Central Business Committee on the PSE (employment rescue plan).

Even locked in the hotel room turned into a bunker and protected by more than 30 bodyguards, management failed to prevent protesters from reaching the meeting room.

Published in l’Humanité on Thursday, April 18, 2019

The newspaper celebrates its 115th anniversary with a history punctuated by financial difficulties. Solidarity has helped to overcome those many political and economic obstacles.

From the very first day, Jaurès warned: "Making a major newspaper survive without it being at the mercy of other business groups is a difficult but not insoluble problem." For 115 years the newspaper, which was first published on April 18, 1904, has continued to demonstrate the relevance of these warnings uttered at its founding.

In France, eight communist organizations, including the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF) and the Pole for Communist Revival in France (PRCF) issued a common declaration that indicates a common position on the imperialist aggression towards Venezuela, the anti-communist campaign against historian Annie Lacroix-Riz, and the "Yellow Vest" movement.

With "ends of the month" impossible, with the feeling of being despised, kept at a distance from political decisions, the yellow vests, which demonstrated on Saturday in Paris, expressed a deep aspiration for democracy, equality and social justice.

The class-oriented trade union movement in Greece, PAME, is standing on the side of the workers and the militant trade unions of France for their strike on the 5th of February.

The workers in France are fighting against the high cost of living, for real increases in the wages, to defend Social Security, against the anti-workers’ laws and the increasing state repression and police state against the popular demonstrations.

Fabien Roussel presented yesterday, during his vows, the agenda of a PCF determined to "do everything possible to ensure that the voice of the citizens is not silenced".

Colonel Fabien Square, yesterday, the key was intended to be offensive. Fabien Roussel delivered to the press and a series of personalities - including the Venezuelan ambassador, officials of the CGT, the IF, Generation.s and associations - his first wishes as national secretary of the PCF. The policy of the "president of the ultramariches" has taken its toll. "Our young president still seems to be stuck in the old dogmas of capitalism. Except that his blindness leads our country into a deadlock and causes anger to rise, which is now exploding," said the MP from the North, whose formation supports the yellow vest movement as the CGT’s call for mobilization for February 5.

Today, on December the 14th, the WFTU affiliates all over the globe reiterated their internationalist solidarity in practice with the fighting French people and workers.

Class-oriented trade unionists, pioneer workers from every sector protested in front of French embassies and consulates across the five continents, against the anti-people measures imposed by the bourgeois Macron government.

The Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF) congratulated the citizens of France in 'yellow vests' who managed to force back President Macron, labelled as 'even more anti-popular, euro-aligned and oligarchic than the arrogant Sarkozy'. The PRC asserted that Macron, compared to Sarkozy 'at least pretends to learn that in face of popular insurrection he has to make certain concessions, even though some are in form of poisoned gifts ... The fight pays when it is conducted with determination and it sweeps away from the bogus pseudo-social dialogue and the European formatting in which the trade union confederations.' The PRC criticized the confederation CGT (Confederation of Labour) ‘whose zigzags and the follow-up towards the pro-employer CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour) put it on the doorstep of an unprecedented crisis even though many activist structures of the CGT demand a general social offensive in the spirit of class unionism.

Today, on December 13th, militant trade unionists from the WFTU and its Greek affiliate, PAME, launched the International Solidarity activities with the people and workers of France who have been struggling against EU, IMF, World Bank policies, implemented by the Macron anti-people government.

The Unionists were gathered early in the morning at the gate of the French Embassy in Athens, shouting against the anti-workers measures in France. The WFTU condemns the attitude of the French Ambassador in Greece who refused to open the gate and receive the delegation.

During the past weeks, France is experiencing a situation that makes the world wonder about the future of the country. Despite the focus of the media on the purely fiscal aspect of the #ΥellowVests movement there are much more fundamental elements which are not even mentioned in the news.

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