19 | 06 | 2019

At the invitation of the German Communist Party (DKP), representatives of Communist Parties from the Baltic Sea region came together in Kiel last weekend and took part in activities in memory of the November Revolution. The activities included the conference "Baltic Sea - Sea of Peace" by DKP and SDAJ, at which a resolution was passed.

The conference, attended by Communist Parties from Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, received contribution from Communist Parties from the Russian Federation and Finland as well.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, which is the militant voice of more than 92 million workers in the five Continents, strongly condemns the far-rightists gatherings and manifestations that take place in Kemnitz, Saxony, against migrants and refugees who live in Germany.

We also denounce the violent attacks and intimidation against migrants, as well as the spreading of racism, xenophobia and hatred by political powers which participate in the gatherings.

dkp logo neuThe German Communist Party (DKP) Leadership has released a press statement on June 19th, on the government crisis between the ruling CDU and its Bavarian partner CSU on the refugee question.

Despite the ostensible conflict between the Ministry of Interior Seehofer (CSU) and Chancellor Merkel (CDU) on the issue of refugees, the DKP interprets the situation differently, as the two actors are “playing together”, as they have the same intention. According to DKP, the Merkel-Germany is making use of the refugee debate to intervene with the national sovereignty of other EU states, and Seehofer threatens those states to shut down the doors for refugees that applied to other countries unless they comply with the EU directives.

dkp logo neuThe German Communist Party (DKP) leadership addressed a declaration regarding the case of Skripal and German-Russian relations.

The DKP declaration, signed by the Party leaders Patrik Köbele, Hans-Peter Brenner, Wera Richter, referred to the march for peace that took place last weekend, under the motto “Disarm, no further arming”, which was also one of the resolutions of DKP addressed in the recent Party Congress.

dkp logo neuAfter a successfully completed 22nd Congress, the German Communist Party announces its campaign for peace and disarmament against NATO.

The German Communist Party (DKP) successfully completed its 22nd Party Congress on 4th of March, with a newly elected board, including Patrik Köbele as the re-elected President of DKP.

As Germany is aggressively planning to increase its military expenditure to maintain its position within NATO, the DKP will target the armament plans and will focus on an anti-NATO campaign with the aim of collecting 30.000 signatures, under the motto “Disarm, no further arming”, in the upcoming six months, to be finally declared at the UZ (Unsere Zeit- the central newspaper of DKP) Festival in September, in Dortmund. According to surveys, majority of German people are also against the increase of armament. 

Dear comrades,

The Workers Party of Ireland sends warm comradely greetings to the German Communist Party (DKP) and extends its best wishes, solidarity and support to the DKP on the occasion of its 22nd Congress which will be held in Frankfurt on 2nd to 4th March 2018. We have read with interest the main resolution of the Party Executive to the 22nd Congress.

As in Ireland, workers in Germany are confronted with unemployment, low wages,  high prices, precarious work and attacks on social and labour rights as the capitalist class forces workers to pay for the capitalist crisis. There are crises in housing,  education and the delivery of health and social care. The structural and systemic character of this crisis demonstrates the historical limits of the capitalist system. The private ownership of the means of production, private capitalist appropriation and the contradictions of capital formation block the general development of the productive powers of society.

Dear comrades!

The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation warmly greets the delegates to the 22nd Congresses of the German Communist party, all members of the party, and its friends. 

Your congress takes place in the anniversary year under pressure of uneasy international situation  and  hard economic crisis.

dkp logo neuFollowing the completion of the negotiations between the SPD and CDU/CSU in Germany, chair of German Communist Party (DKP) Patrik Köbele has shared a press release, regarding the outcome. Köbele called for democrats to reject the grand coalition appeal.

The chair of German Communist Party (DKP) Patrik Köbele commenced his analysis with clarifying that SPD is wanted to have its place in the government.

Especially some of the ministerial positions were appointed as if “good bait catching fine fish”, to convince the members of SPD and influence their decision in the upcoming days to get an approval.

firThe International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) – Antifascist Association and its member federations commemorate every year the January 27, 1945, the Liberation-Day of extermination camp Auschwitz by soldiers of the Red Army. To remember the end, it is also needed to face the beginning and the roots of these crimes. That is why we call to remember January 30, 1933 too.

January 30, 1933 is not a “day of remembrance”, it is an obligation for all antifascist-oriented people to prevent any repetition.

It is necessary to prevent the organizations of the labor movement from being prosecuted again. Unionists, Communists and Social Democrats were the first deported to concentration camps whose organizations were persecuted, banned and crushed.

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