22 | 04 | 2019
  • B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – reports that the gradual ethnic cleansing of occupied East Jerusalem continues as Israel is relentlessly taking measures to remove more and more Palestinian families residing in the city from their homes and hand the buildings over to Jewish settlers.

  • The World Federation of Trade Unions, which is the militant voice of 97 million workers in 130 countries throughout the world, extends its internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, who have begun a hunger strike of indefinite duration, even by refraining from drinking water.

    The Palestinian prisoners demand from the Israel Prison Services (IPS) the removal of all jamming devices, the right to be visited by their families, the installation of public phones in the prisons, the end of the solitary confinement of prisoners (including 5 children), the end of assaults and the improvement of medical service, among others.

  • The day before last Land Day, Friday March 29, a protest was held in Jadeidi-Makr, a merged Arab-Palestinian local council east of Acre in the north of the country. The protest was against the intention of Israeli authorities to approve a development plan which is expected to dramatically increase the number of residents of Jadeidi-Makr from 20,000 to 100,000 and to found a new municipality to be named Givat Tantour. The protest was organized by the High Follow-Up Committee and the town’s local council.

  • A special, government-appointed task force dubbed the “Zandberg Committee” submitted its final report to the office of the Prime Minister in February of this year. The report is designed to provide the government with tools for retroactively authorizing (implementing “regularization”) for scores of Israeli outposts and neighborhoods built illegally over the years of occupation in the West Bank without official government approval.

  • The results of the election for the 21st Knesset, held on April 9, with a clear victory for the bloc of the right, mark a watershed in the increased threat of a fascist option for the State of Israel. At the same time, the founding of the Blue and White political alliance and its electoral success (35 seats in the Knesset, equal to that of the Likud) are proof that the ruling class in Israel is divided. A number of heads of the defense establishment, both past and present, together with sectors among the wealthy, believe that Benjamin Netanyahu, has gone too far in his racist ways.

  • Sudanese dictator Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, who ruled his nation for 30 years after coming to power in a military coup in 1989, was forced to step down by his country’s military on Thursday, April 11, after months of popular protests against his regime. Sudanese armed forces also arrested Prime Minister Mohamed Taher Ayala and the head of the ruling National Congress Party, Ahmed Haroun, along with dozens of other Sudanese officials, a top military official with direct knowledge of the situation told CNN.

  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) said on Wednesday, April 10, that he is following the results of Israel’s parliamentary elections, which took place on Tuesday. Abbas spoke at the opening of a new oncology department at the Istishari Hospital near the central occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

  • The corrupt, far-right Benjamin Netanyahu secured a unprecedented fifth term as Israel’s prime minister on Wednesday morning, April 10, after more than 99% of the votes from the previous day’s general election gave the right-wing and clerical bloc a 10-seat lead over the center, left and Arab parties.

  • On the Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings before the Tuesday, April 9, general elections, mailboxes belonging to residents of Tel Aviv were stuffed with new a campaign flyer from Hadash-Ta’al that reads, “Your neighbor is an Arab,” to remind Israel’s majority Jewish population that more than one fifth of their fellow citizens are Arabs.

  • The Palestinian People's Party announced its decision to participate in the new Palestinian government putting forward a memorandum including social and political issues.

    According to the official website of the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP), the Secretary-General of the People's Party, Bassam Al-Salhi, said in a press statement last Wednesday, that the PPP selected Comrade Abu-Jaysh as PPP’s candidate for the ministry in the government. Regarding the ministerial position to be occupied by Abu Jaysh, Salehi said that the special arrangements for the formation of the government would be completed with the Prime Minister in accordance with the agreement made during the dialogue of government formation.

  • The last polls to be released before the general elections next Tuesday, April 9, were published yesterday, Friday, April 5. Taken together, of three major polls, two predict that the Likud will receive the largest plurality of votes, while a third shows that the Blue and White party will garner the greatest support from those members of the public who will cast ballots.

  • Following his visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem on Tuesday, April 2, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil claimed that Nazism was a “leftist movement.” Bolsonaro was brought to Yad Vashem, a memorial to the six million Jews murdered by Nazi Germany and fascists allies during World War II, as part of his three day state visit to Israel. The Brazilian far-right leader was asked on Tuesday if he agreed with the claim of his foreign minister, Ernesto Araujo, that the Nazis “were leftists.” Bolsonaro responded in the affirmative.

  • The establishment of a Palestinian State living in peace alongside Israel represents the solution long agreed by the international community to resolve one of the world’s oldest conflicts and most long-standing historical injustices.

    President Donald Trump has now expressed his disagreement. So where does that leave this demand?

  • Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel commemorated the 44th Land Day on Saturday, March 30, a day they have been observing since that date in 1976 (the first Land Day), when Israeli security forces shot dead six young Arab men who were protesting the expropriation of Arab-owned land in northern Israel to build Jewish communities.

  • The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing firebrand who had made headlines for playing down the brutality of his country’s past pro-imperialist military dictatorship, is set to arrive in Israel on Sunday morning, March 31, for a three-day trip. At 8 p.m. on the evening of the same day, a demonstration will be held near the Prime Minister’s residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem during a meeting between Bolsonaro and Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu

  • The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing more than 95 million workers in 130 countries on the five continents, honors the Palestinians Land Day, commemorated since March 30th 1976, when the Israeli police shot and killed six Palestinians who were protesting against the Israeli governments’ expropriation of thousands of acres of Palestinian land, while hundreds of other Palestinian protesters were injured.

  • The European Union (EU) announced on Wednesday, March 27, that it does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights which was taken from Syria in the June 1967 war and which has been occupied by Israel ever since. EU foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini elucidated the union does not agree with the step taken by US President Donald Trump when he recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan during Netanyhu’s stay in Washington on Thursday, March 21.

  • An 18-year-old Palestinian search-and-rescue service volunteer died from wounds on Wednesday morning, March 27, after being shot a few hours earlier with live ammunition fired by Israeli military forces that entered a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

    According to the Communist daily newspaper Al Ittihad, Sajed Abed al-Hakim Mizher died on Wednesday morning from wounds he sustained during predawn clashes with Israeli forces in the Dheisheh refugee camp in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem. Palestinian medical sources confirmed the death of the young paramedic volunteer who was wearing his reflective vest when he was mortally shot.

  • Over the last 3 days, Israel is unleashing new air strikes against targets along Gaza Strip, under the pretext of answering to the launching of rockets.

    Since last March, at least 258 Palestinians have been murdered in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army, during their protests for the end of the Israeli blockades and the return of the Palestinian Refugees to their homeland.

  • A tense quiet took hold on Tuesday afternoon, March 26, after a night of a heavy exchange of fire as Israeli aircraft bombed Gaza and Palestinian fighters continued to rain rockets down on the south of the country. Israel says its was responding to a rocket attack from Gaza early early Monday, March 25, when a Palestinian rocket destroyed the home of the Levin family in Moshav Mishmeret in the center of the country, wounding seven. Gaza’s Health Ministry announced that seven Palestinians were wounded by air strikes conducted by Israel in retaliation. The exchange continued into the early hours of Tuesday before a ceasefire went into effect.The escalation threatened to devolve into a major conflict, just two weeks before Israel’s general elections.

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