18 | 02 | 2019

During the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Angostura Congress, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ratified on Thursday his government’s willingness to initiate a new phase of national dialogue that includes sectors of the opposition, with the supreme objective of preserve the peace of the country.

We begin today by getting the Venezuelan government’s response to a deluge of allegations leveled against the Maduro government by the Trump administration, by top Democrats including Pelosi, by the corporate media and by Venezuelan opposition figures who have asserted that they represent the legitimate voice of the Venezuelan people. Joining me now is Venezuela’s Vice Foreign Minister, Carlos Ron. He was named to his post by President Nicolás Maduro following the May 2018 elections. Vice Minister Ron, welcome to Intercepted.

190214granmaThe Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba condemns the escalation of pressures and actions of the US government in preparation for a military adventure under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention” in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and calls on the international community to mobilize in order to prevent its consummation.

From the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) in New York, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, announced on Thursday the integration of an important group of member states of the multilateral organization, who share the concern for the need to maintain respect for the principles of the fundamental Charter that governs the behavior of the international community.

“The extremists of the White House have proposed to impose a coup in Venezuela and we have rejected it”, said the constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The ANSWER coalition released a call for a massive march against Trump's agression against Venezuela for March 16th.

The ANSWER Coalition, of which the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is a founding member called for a national march in DC on March 16th against the Trump administration’s effort to engineer a coup in Venezuela.

The Security Council of the United Nations (UN) will not approve the resolution proposed by the United States on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela given that it is aimed at covering the plans for military intervention in the South American country, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov.

During a conversation with social activists, intellectuals and journalists from New York media, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza rejected the coup attacks and aggressions by the United States government against the democracy and sovereignty of Venezuela.

After placing his signature on the document that includes the expression and will of the Venezuelan people who are in favor of peace and against the interventionist actions presided over the United States, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, in an interview granted to THE COUNTRY of Spain, criticized the international pressure that weighs on Venezuela and assured that the governments that execute the unilateral and coercive measures against the South American country “judge us, they condemn us, they sentence us without even having listened to us”.

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