23 | 10 | 2018

The forced evacuation of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied Palestinian West Bank will be delayed until further notice, Israel announced on Saturday night, October 20. Far-right Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman slammed the security cabinet’s decision and emphasized it was made “despite strong objections.” Security forces have said in recent days that they are ready to evacuate the village and are waiting for instructions to do so.

Racist election posters put up by the far-right religious HaBayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home) party in Ramla, a mixed Jewish-Arab city in the center of the country, were removed on Wednesday, October 16, after most of them were vandalized.

Only a handful of the 40 advertisements that went up around town the day before remained intact, Zion Cohen, director of the Zohar Outdoor Advertising Company, told Haaretz.

Chairman of the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality, MK Aida Touma-Suleiman (Hadash ‒ Joint List), sent on Tuesday, October 16,  an urgent letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which she lists the names of the women who were murdered this year. “Every name is an entire world, a woman full of hopes and dreams, with a family, parents and children whose lives were destroyed,” she wrote.

The far-right Israeli government approved on Sunday, October 14, allocating some 22 million shekels ($6.1 million) in government funding to expand the Jewish settlement inside the Palestinian West Bank city of Hebron. Israel’s Civil Administration for the occupied West Bank had already approved the new construction, which will be carried out at the site of a former Israeli army base. The green-light given by the cabinet this week enables the work to proceed on the new Jewish neighborhood, which is slated to include 31 housing units as well as kindergartens and public spaces.

Today morning Israel unleashed new air strikes against targets along Gaza Strip, while the Israeli Minister for Defense ordered the closure of the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossing points as well as the  restriction of the Gaza fishing zone from 6 to 3 miles.

On the behalf of 95 million workers in 130 countries all over the world, the WFTU condemns this new escalation of Israeli aggressiveness against the people of Palestine.

The Tudeh Party declares support to the strikes and sit-in protests of the Iranian teachers and educational workers struggling for their rights.

The purchasing power of the working people in Iran has drastically shrunk due to the devaluation of the Iranian rial and the uncontrollable inflation. In addition to the ongoing strikes of the truck drivers and bazaar merchants, recently Iranian teachers and educational workers joined the struggle for a decent life. It is an acknowledged fact that teachers' salaries are about a third of the poverty line and that many of them are obliged to work for side jobs in order to make ends meet. On October 14 and 15, teachers from more than 25 provinces and 60 cities of Iran refused to attend classes but held sit-in protests. During the nation-wide two-day strike, at least two education activists were arrested by the authorities.

A clause in a bill to amend the law on government funding for films “smells of corruption,” Hadash MK Dov Khenin (Joint List) has warned. In a letter to the Attorney General, Khenin said the purpose of the amendment, advanced by far-right Culture Minister Miri Regev, is “to encourage and support a single entity in the film industry that is close to the culture minister.”

With 146 votes in favor was approved on Tuesday afternoon, in the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), a resolution to allow the State of Palestine the right to make statements, present and co-sponsor proposals and amendments, give explanations of vote, have the right to respond in relation to the positions and to present procedural motions on behalf of the G77 + China.

Following far-right Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s easing of the criteria for gun permits less than two months ago, over 2,800 civilians have filed applications to own a firearm, an increase of 183% compared to the same period last year. Based on the public response the ministry now estimates that about 10,000 additional persons will obtain gun permits, bringing the total number to about 140,000, not including members of the police force and the army.

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